New to kart racing? Have kids that are interested in racing?

No idea where to get started?

This page is dedicated to giving a novice kart racer, or someone who would like to inform themselves about kart racing information you'll need get started quickly and easily before they jumping into racing at Houghton Lake Kart Speedway. Theres the green flag, so, keep reading for information on what you need to know to start dirt kart racing!


There is no better way to have fun on the track while at the same time learning more about racing and we feel no other for of motor sport could provide the same. At any given time, there are about 100,000 karters in the United States  participating out of pure enjoyment of the hobby. For others, racing at our track is just the begining of a more advanced racing career. We are proud to see that over the years many racers from Houghton Lake Kart Speedway have advanced in their racing careers.

Just like any other racing activity, the goal is to reach the finish line first! Speeds at our track are usually 50mph or under & we are advocates for racing ettiquette and good sportmanship. The beauty of dirt kart racing is the simple nature of these karts, just four wheels and an engine. They lack suspension, differentials, &roll-bar which helps keeps the cost of the hobby down compared to other forms of motor racing.

Kart racing at Houghton Lake Kart Speedway also is a great opportunity to learn the basics about competition racing, vehicle setup, engine tuning, and more. All of this while having a whole lot of fun in a friendly environment. We do not think that there is another type of racing where you can get as much seat time with any given budget as a kart racing! We offer a wide variety of classes based on different engine types and highly recommend coming out to check out one of our Friday night races to get familiar with the our track & talk to some of the current racers.

The sport of kart racing sees competitors of both genders from children as young as seven years, all the way to the more seasoned participants, even well into retirement age and is truly something for the whole family to enjoy.


  • Dirt Racing Kart - Can be new or used, NO YARD KARTS ALLOWED.
    Note: Karts sold without an engine are called "Rollers". With an engine included, they are called "Completes"
  • Bumper requirements - we require at our track a bumper that covers at least 2/3 of the width of the rear tires made of steel tubing with NO SHARP EDGES.
  • Racer numbers must be displayed on 3 sides of the kart, the nose cone, &  side panels.
  • Fuel - Micro classes can use regular gas only. All other classes may use alcohol or methanol. We do sell this fuel by the gallon at the track.
  • Tires - Must run slicks on 5" or 6" rims.
  • Helmet - Full face helmets are not required but racers must wear a DOT approved helmet.
  • Racing Suits - While we do not require a racing suit they are recommended. All racers are required to wear sturdy closed toe shoes & long sleeved shirts & pants. Long hair should be tucked into suit or under helmet.
  • Neck Brace - Racers are required to wear an approved neck brace when racing.
  • Gloves - Racers are required to wear gloves with closed fingers.


At Houghton Lake Kart Speedway racers are not required to attend every race of the season to earn points. Our track is equipped with an AMB / MyLaps Transponder, the same type of system used by most road racing and karting sanctioning bodies, including SCCA, PCA, MCSCC, WKA, VSCDA, and many others.

Trophies are awarded at each race. Racers will earn points at every race attended & be eligible for year end awards. Points are posted after each weeks race on our points standing page & Facebook page.

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